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What is War Brokers?

Who created War Brokers?

War Brokers is masterfully crafted by Trebuchet Entertainment, a developer known for their excellence in creating immersive and strategic FPS io games. Their commitment to providing a realistic military combat experience is evident in every aspect of War Brokers, offering players both the thrill of action and the satisfaction of tactical gameplay.

War Brokers on invites players to a world of strategic military action. This FPS io game stands out with its emphasis on teamwork and the use of various military vehicles, from tanks to helicopters. Players can customize their loadout, engage in large-scale battles, and complete objectives in different game modes. War Brokers’ combination of first-person shooting and vehicle combat provides a diverse and immersive gaming experience, appealing to both casual and competitive players alike.

War Brokers Gameplay

How to play War Brokers

🚶‍♂️ Navigate using WASD keys for ground movement.
🎯 Aim and shoot with your mouse; left-click to fire.
🚙 'E' to enter or exit vehicles, expanding your combat options.
🔄 'R' reloads your weapon, keeping you battle-ready.
🗺️ Use the 'M' key to view the map and plan your strategy.
🎚️ Switch weapons or tools with number keys or the mouse wheel.
📊 'Tab' opens the leaderboard and game stats.
🛠️ Customize your loadout in the game lobby for different strategies.

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