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What is Voxiom io?

Who created Voxiom io? is ingeniously developed by Voxiom, a visionary in the world of online gaming.

Explore the captivating voxel universe of on This game offers an innovative approach to FPS io games, allowing players to engage in combat, resource gathering, and building, all within a dynamic multiplayer setting. With various weapons, tools, and materials at your disposal, encourages creative strategies and adaptability. Whether you're fighting for survival, crafting your fortress, or outsmarting opponents in combat, promises hours of immersive and versatile gameplay.

Voxiom io Gameplay

How to play Voxiom io?

🏃‍♂️ Move across the voxel terrain using WASD keys.
🎯 Aim and attack with your mouse; left-click to shoot.
🛠️ 'E' opens the inventory; select tools and resources for crafting.
🔄 'R' reloads your weapon; always stay combat-ready.
🏗️ Use 'Tab' to switch between combat and building modes.
🔄 Spacebar for jumping, useful for navigation and dodging.
🎚️ Scroll wheel or number keys to select different items in your inventory.
🌐 'M' opens the map, essential for strategizing your movements.

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