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What is Voxar io?

Who created Voxar io?

Dive into the boundless universe of, where Voxar invites players to construct, collaborate, and explore in an endlessly creative voxel-based multiplayer sandbox. offers an open-ended creative experience where players from around the globe come together to build and explore vast voxel worlds. With no specific goals or objectives, your creativity is the limit. Choose from building, editing, and viewing modes to add to the ever-evolving canvas, creating anything from simple structures to complex landscapes. The intuitive interface and collaborative nature of make it easy to join forces with others, share ideas, and bring collective visions to life. Whether you're constructing towering cities, intricate sculptures, or exploring the creations of fellow builders, provides a platform for endless imagination and innovation.

Voxar io Gameplay

How to play Voxar io?

🏗 Build Mode: Select different voxel colors and place them in the world to construct your designs. Use the mouse to position and click to place voxels.
🛠 Edit Mode: Modify or remove existing voxels. Perfect for tweaking your creations or collaborating on large projects.
👀 View Mode: Roam the world to explore creations. Use this mode to find inspiration or enjoy the vast landscapes of collective imagination.
🤝 Collaborate in Real-Time: Work alongside other players online. Share ideas and build together in a seamless multiplayer experience.
🔄 No Limits: There are no set objectives or limits to what you can create. Challenge your creativity and see where it takes you.

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