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What is Tribals io?

Who created Tribals io? is crafted by the innovative minds at onRush Studio, known for their ability to blend historical themes with modern gameplay. Their passion for creating immersive and engaging FPS io games is evident in, where ancient warfare comes to life with exciting battles and strategic gameplay. on takes you back to the roots of civilization where strategy and skill reign supreme. This FPS io game stands out with its unique tribal setting, offering players a variety of ancient weapons and tactics to master. The game's engaging mechanics and historical theme provide a fresh take on the traditional FPS experience. Players can join tribes, engage in fierce battles, and compete for dominance in a primitive world, making a thrilling addition to any FPS enthusiast's game collection.

Tribals io Gameplay

How to play Tribals io?

🏹 Move your tribal warrior using WASD keys.
🎯 Aim and attack with your mouse; left-click to unleash your fury.
🔄 'R' reloads or prepares your weapon; stay battle-ready.
🛡️ Use 'F' to interact with objects and gather resources.
🔄 Spacebar allows jumping, essential for evasive maneuvers.
🎚️ Switch between weapons with number keys; choose your combat style.
📊 Keep an eye on your status and the leaderboard with 'Tab'.
🗣️ Communicate with your tribe using in-game chat.

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