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What is Krew io?

Who created Krew io? is the creative work of Jaeyun Noh, known for his ability to blend imaginative concepts with engaging gameplay. Their dedication to innovation is clearly reflected in, where they transform traditional FPS io games into an exciting naval adventure, offering a fresh and captivating gaming experience.

Embark on a maritime adventure with on This game offers a unique perspective on FPS io games, where players become part of a ship's crew, engaging in strategic sea battles. Maneuver your ship, fire cannons, and outwit rival crews in a quest for dominance on the high seas.'s blend of teamwork, strategy, and dynamic naval combat makes it an engaging game for both casual and competitive players. Chart your course, join forces with your crewmates, and conquer the ocean in

Krew io Gameplay

How to play Krew io?

🚢 Steer your ship and navigate the seas using WASD or arrow keys.
🎯 Aim and fire cannons with your mouse; left-click to attack enemy ships.
🔄 'R' to reload cannons, ensuring your firepower is always ready.
🛠️ Press 'E' to repair your ship and maintain its strength.
🌊 Use 'Spacebar' to jump, essential for boarding enemy ships or dodging attacks.
🗺️ 'M' opens the map, crucial for strategic planning and navigation.
📊 Keep an eye on your crew's status and the game leaderboard with 'Tab'.
🗣️ Communicate and strategize with your crew using in-game chat.

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