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What is Jamir?

Who created Jamir?

Mert Ozturk, a solo game developer with exceptional talent, is the creator behind His dedication and skill in game design are vividly showcased in the game’s intricate sci-fi world and stunning graphics. Each character's unique abilities and items reflect Mert Ozturk's innovative approach to FPS io games, making a remarkable and standout experience in browser gaming., available on, invites players to step into a visually breathtaking sci-fi world. This FPS io game is notable for its high-quality graphics, which push the limits of browser gaming. Players can choose from a variety of characters, each with distinct abilities and items, allowing for a wide range of combat strategies. The game offers a deep and engaging experience, where quick thinking and skillful use of abilities are key to victory. Join the futuristic combat and showcase your prowess in

Jamir Gameplay

How to play Jamir io?

🏃‍♂️ Move your character using the WASD keys.
🎯 Aim and fire using your mouse; left-click to engage enemies.
🌌 Activate unique abilities by pressing 'Shift' while in the air.
🔄 'R' reloads your weapon, essential for continuous combat.
🛍️ Collect items to enhance your character's capabilities.
🔄 Use 'Spacebar' to jump, adding a vertical dimension to combat.
🎚️ Switch between items and abilities for strategic advantage.
📊 Keep track of scores and players with the 'Tab' key.

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