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What is Doubledodgers?

Who created Doubledodgers?

DoubleDodgers, crafted by pelican party studios, brilliantly challenges players to simultaneously manage two distinct gameplay experiences, blending an innovative multitasking challenge with endless arcade fun.

DoubleDodgers takes the concept of multitasking to an entirely new level. In this innovative arcade game, players are thrust into controlling two characters at the same time: one navigating the digital dangers of a game world and the other avoiding real-life obstacles on a busy street. This unique gameplay mechanic requires players to split their focus and hone their reflexes, as they must ensure both characters dodge incoming threats to survive. The game intensifies as you progress, with obstacles becoming more frequent and complex, pushing your multitasking abilities to their limits. DoubleDodgers is not just a test of reaction speed but also a brain-twisting exercise in sustained concentration and adaptability.

Doubledodgers Gameplay

How to play Doubledodgers?

🌐 Control Two Characters: Use arrow keys to move the in-game character, and WASD to navigate the character in the "real world."
🚶‍♂️ Dodge Obstacles: Avoid obstacles in both worlds. From cars to potholes in the real world and spikes to gaps in the game world.
🧠 Split Your Focus: Keep an eye on both screens. Success in DoubleDodgers demands equal attention to both challenges.
⏳ Survive As Long As Possible: The goal is to last as long as you can. The longer you survive, the higher your score.
🏆 Climb the Leaderboard: Challenge yourself to beat your high score and compare your rankings with players worldwide.

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