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What is Deadshot io?

Who created Deadshot io? is the brainchild of renowned developer GoalieSave25, whose expertise in creating engaging and challenging FPS io games shines in this title. His passion for delivering high-quality gaming experiences is evident in, where players are immersed in a world of precision shooting and tactical decision-making., featured on, offers a thrilling and competitive shooting experience. This FPS io game emphasizes precision and strategy, with a focus on sharpshooting skills. Players can navigate through different maps, each presenting unique challenges and requiring distinct tactics. With a range of weapons and upgrades available, caters to various playstyles, from aggressive assaults to strategic sniping. Join the fast-paced action and test your shooting prowess in

Deadshot io Gameplay

How to play Deadshot io?

🎯 Move strategically using WASD keys.
🏹 Aim precisely with your mouse; left-click to shoot at targets.
🔄 Press 'R' to reload; maintaining ammo is crucial.
🕵️‍♂️ Use 'Shift' to sneak or take cover, essential for stealthy approaches.
🔄 Spacebar to jump, aiding in evasion and positioning.
🎚️ Switch between weapons and gear using number keys or the mouse wheel.
📊 Keep an eye on the leaderboard with 'Tab'.
🛡️ Collect power-ups to enhance your abilities and gain an advantage.

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