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What is Bloxd io?

Who created Bloxd io? is ingeniously developed by Arthur Baker. His expertise in blending construction elements with action-packed FPS gameplay is brilliantly showcased in, making it a standout game for both strategic thinkers and action lovers. on is not just another FPS io game; it's a creative battlefield where imagination meets action. Players can build structures for defense or strategy, engage in fast-paced shootouts, and explore various terrains. With a variety of weapons and building blocks at your disposal, encourages creative tactics and offers endless fun. Whether teaming up with others or battling it out solo, is sure to provide a uniquely entertaining experience for all players.

Bloxd io Gameplay

How to play Bloxd io?

🏗️ Move around and build using WASD keys.
🎯 Aim and shoot with your mouse; left-click to engage.
🔄 Press 'R' to reload; keep your ammo ready.
🛠️ Use 'E' to interact with blocks and build structures.
🔄 Spacebar to jump, aiding in navigation and combat.
🎚️ 'Q' switches between building and combat mode.
📊 Check scores and player status with the 'Tab' key.
🗣️ Use in-game chat to communicate with other players.

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